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Regulations for the Practice of Reflexology


There are no Federal Government regulations for the practice of Reflexology in Canada.

There is no federal Reflexology governing body for Reflexology in Canada.


There are no Provincial Government regulations for the practice of Reflexology in Ontario.

Registration Board

The Reflexology Registration Council of Ontario (RRCO) is a board for the self-regulation of the profession of Reflexology. RRCO registers Reflexology practitioners, teachers and schools. The mandate of RRCO is to maintain the highest ethical standard of the profession of Reflexology in order to protect the identity and the right to practice Reflexology in the province of Ontario.

Registration with RRCO is a voluntary choice for Reflexology Practitioners and Schools who wish to align themselves with other practitioners and schools that maintain high standards.

Professional Reflexologists who choose to register with RRCO join others in sending a strong and unified voice to lobby government and private insurance companies.

REFLEXOLOGY TRAINING ONTARIO (RTO) is one of several schools registered with RRCO. Reflexologists who obtain their certification from RTO qualify, with no further exams, to become registered practitioners with RRCO.

For further information about RRCO and a listing of the registered schools, go to their website:


Some municipalities in Ontario have licensing requirements for Reflexologists. For a listing of those municipalities, go to the RRCO website:

The licensing procedure and fees will vary from municipality to municipality. Registration with RRCO may exempt you from licensing fees in your municipality.


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